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We stand for building a better world for ethical investors. We offer a fully customized solutions that fits your business need. Whether it is a Digital bank, Robo advisor, Wealth management office or brokerage, doesn’t matter. We got you covered.

Halal investment Solution

Built for Enterprises

We help financial institutions, neo banks, funds and institutional investors to bulk screen index, market, funds and more. Identify investable universe based 5 Islamic investment methodologies or based on your own customized method.

Award winning software. Get a vetted and robust solution that’s easy to put into place. You don’t have to build a thing. Just plug and play.

Halal Working Capital Solution

Finispia Working Capital Solutions can be delivered under a white label. It assists companies to get or offer cash advance in their supply chain. The solution comes with different version including Dynamic Discounting, Early payment and more. SME financing is now accessible and compliant with your value. Connect with us to request a demo

White Label Technology

Your Brand. Your customers. Our Technology.

Instant ETF screening

Fully automated service to get ETF screening

Unlimited Portfolios

Flexibility to create the portfolio your want

Easy import

Import fund constituents and check compliance instantly

Five Halal Test Methodologies

Five Halal Standards means more chance to meet your customer need

Get Alert

Stay on the top of your portfolios

Export option

Export Halal stocks on format of your preference and start the real work

Wide Stock Universe

Find Halal Stocks in more than 90 stock Exchanges

Multiple users

You can grant access to up to 5 users from your organization

Watch list

Keep your hand picked stock in a watch list

Product available for corporates and financial institutions only.

To request a demo. Please reach out to us.

Excellence get Noticed

We have been nominated as the Most Reliable Islamic Fintech 2020 in North America according to the “Global Brand Magazine”..

award winning fintech

Screening methodologies inspired from

Five Islamic investment methodologies: DJ, FTSE, S&P, MSCI and AAOIFI.